resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia
Welcome to the Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association’s (CAERDA) website. Please use the specific links to check out relevant information regarding how to submit a manuscript to the New Waves-Educational Research and Development journal and join CAERDA as a new member or renew your existing membership. Thank you!

Welcome to CAERDA

Dear CAERDA Members and Friends:
Welcome to the website of the Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association (CAERDA). I am excited to serve as the President of the CAERDA 2015-2016. With the support and encouragement from our CAERDA members, friends, and guests, our organization is becoming a global scholarly community that connects educational professionals and future professionals from all over the world through ongoing dialogues, professional presentations, and scholarly publications. I would like to give my sincere thanks to all our Board members and regional directors for their hard work and incredible service to the organization.
In April 2015, we had a successful annual conference in Chicago addressing the micro and macro issues of educational research in the global community. The conference featured the keynote speech by Dr. William Ayers on Research and Teaching in a Globalized World and two panel presentations, one on educational research methods and approaches, and one on international collaboration on teacher education. In addition, researchers, educators, and students from different parts of the world shared their studies through 50 presentations on 6 different topics.
In June 2015, we will host our second international conference with a theme Advancing Scientific Research in Education in Taichung City, Taiwan. The conference is co-chaired by Dr. Yi-Lung Kuo from Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, Dr. Ya-yu Lo, from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Dr. Pei-Fang Wu, from National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan. I would like to extend my special thanks to our co-sponsors, National Taichung University of Education College of Education and Department of Early Childhood Education.

 I am also very pleased to inform you that Drs. Yi-Lung Kuo and Yann-Yann Shieh are co-chairing 2016 CAERDA conference in Washington D.C. They will form the conference planning committee to organize the conference with all details. Information regarding proposal submission will be available in August. I strongly encourage you, your colleagues, and your students to consider submitting proposals to this conference. 

CAERDA has two publication opportunities: New Waves – Educational Research & Development, a peer-reviewed journal and our book series. If you are interested in any of them, you can contact New Waves Journal Co-Editors (Dr. Allan Bates and Dr. Miranda Lin) or the Book Editor (Dr. Jinfa Cai).
 If you have any comments or questions about CAERDA, feel free to contact me or any of our Board members who are listed on our website. Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you at our next conference or other professional events.


Yaoying Xu, Ph.D.
CAERDA President