Welcome to the Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association’s (CAERDA) website. Please use the specific links to check out relevant information regarding how to submit a manuscript to the New Waves-Educational Research and Development journal, register for the annual conference in Philadelphia, submit a proposal to the international conference in Xi'an, join CAERDA as a new member or renew your existing membership. Thank you!



Welcome to CAERDA

Thank you for visiting the Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association’s (CAERDA) website. As an international professional organization of educators and educational researchers committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research across the educational spectrum,CAERDA is interested not only in topics related to Chinese and Chinese American education, but also in any issues confronting the broad educational community. Toward these goals, CAERDA holds an annual international conference in the United States, publishes a peer-reviewed online journal, and maintains a book series.

Presently, CAERDA’s book series is planning to release its latest book on testing methodology soon. The journal, New Waves-Educational Research and Development, is preparing to publish a themed issue on educational administration and leadership. In addition, the planning for the annual meeting in Philadelphia is well under way. Furthermore, CAERDA will hold a special international conference during June 27-29, 2014 in Xi'an, China to provide an additional conference venue for our members. Our plan is to select other Asian cities/countries to host more international conferences in the future.

As President, I am pleased that CAERDA has members and friends all over North America, Asia, Europe, and many other parts of the world. To carry out all of its missions, CAERDA asks not only for the continual financial contribution from members and friends,but also for more volunteers and reviewers for its conferences and book/journal publications.Please contact our Book Editor (Dr. Jinfa Cai), Conference Chair (Dr. Lusa Lo), Journal Editor (Dr. Binbin Jiang), or any of the Board of Directors and Regional Directors, with any questions or suggestions. We love to hear from you and learn how we may better assist you!


Wen Ma, Ph.D.
President, CAERDA