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Types of Membership

  1. Regular Membership:

    All regular memberships start on January 1 of the current year and end on December 31 of the same year. The annual membership due is $35. Members should renew their memberships before April 30. These membership starting and ending dates are set to allow members to pay their membership dues on-site at the CAERDA conference and dinner, which are usually held in April. Memberships that are not renewed by April 30 will expire and members will lose their benefits.

    Members can join/review CAERDA by (1) mailing the completed membership application/renewal form, along with payment to CAERDA or (2) complete the online form and make payment via our online system. To help us better manage memberships and to avoid interrupted service, members are urged to renew their memberships before April 30 each year.

  2. Lifetime Membership:

    A Lifetime Membership has the same benefits as the Regular Membership’s. However, instead of paying annual membership dues, lifetime member pays a one-time, lump sum membership due, $260 and becomes a CAERDA member for life. The lifetime memberships last forever. There is no need for renewals and no more membership dues are required.

Benefits of Membership

All memberships include

  1. unlimited access to the online Educational Research and Development Journal, a quarterly published by CAERDA,

  2. member discount for any sales of books published in CAERDA Book Series by Information Age Press (IAP),

  3. a CAERDA Newsletter distributed to members by e-mail, and

  4. an opportunity to submit proposals and present papers at the CAERDA Annual Conference with discounted registration fees.

Join CAERDA/Renew Membership

Please click here to join online as a CAERDA Member.

CAERDA Award/Donation/Collaboration

As a CAERDA member, you are encouraged to participate in CAERDA Awards program and get involved in other activities. CAERDA is actively seeking donations and collaborative research/development opportunities with other organizations. We need help and support from all members.