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resep masakan indonesia
Award Recipients

List of Recipients of CAERDA Dissertation Award

2008 Shu-Huei Yen, University of Maryland
Dissertation Title: Teaching Taiwanese Indigenous Students: Case Studies of Three Han Chinese Teachers.

2009 Yan Zhao, State University of New New York at Buffalo
Dissertation Title: Positioned and positioning in globalizing socialist China: Higher education choices, experience and career aspirations among Chinese college students.

2010 Shin-Yi Lee, Columbia University
Dissertation Title: The effect of instruction in alternative solutions on Taiwanese eighth-grade students’ problem solving performance.

2012 Yi-Lung Kuo, Johns Hopkins University
Dissertation Title: The Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Achievement Gains between Eighth and Tenth Grade.

2013 Alan Lai, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist university-United International College
Dissertation Title: Ecology of Second Language Development: An Activity Theory and Affordances Study of an After-school, ESL Program in Hong Kong

Barry Bai,
 Nanyang Technological University
Dissertation Title: Writing Strategies and Strategies-based Instruction in Singapore Primary Schools

Jingshun Zhang, University of Toronto 
Dissertation Title: Relationships between Missing Responses and Skill Mastery Profiles of Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment 

2015 Bodong Chen, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 
Dissertation Title: Promisingness Judgments as Facilitators of Knowledge Building in Elementary Science

List of Recipients of CAERDA Distinguished Paper Award

2011 Ming-Chuan Hsieh, Ph.D.. National Academy for Educational Research, & Yi-Lung Kuo, Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins University
Research Paper Title: Who are Taiwan’s gifted? (Area: Quantitative).

2011 Miranda Lin, Ph.D.. Illinois State University
Research Paper Title: Beliefs and Practices of Anti-bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings (Area: Quality Case Study).

2011 Ye Sun, Ph.D.. West Virginia University
Research Paper Title: The Impact of Teaching Comprehensibility on Students’ Achievement in Rational Numbers (Area: Mixed Methods)

2015 Show-Mei Lin, Ph.D., Tennessee State University 
Research Paper Title: A Study of College Students' Writing Difficulties: A Call for Culturally, Linguistically, and Psychologically Responsive Teaching

List of Recipients of CAERDA Student Paper Award

2009 Yi-Lung Kuo. University of Iowa
Research Paper Title: The Adaptation of the Work Preference Inventory for Teachers to Assess their Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivational Orientations.

2009 Yin-Che Chen. Pennsylvania State University
Research Paper Title: What Affected the Teachers' Technology Proficiency? A Case Study from Taichung

2011 Hsiao-Chi (Angel) Chang. University of California, Davis
Research Paper Title: Higher Education Instruction and Practice: The Effects of Pedagogical Techniques on Undergraduate Learning .