resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia


The Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association (CAERDA) was founded on September 28, 1992 to promote excellence in education for all students, particularly among Chinese and Chinese Americans. CAERDA, a non-profit, non-political, international organization, emphasizes and pursues educational research and development. Its major goals are:

  1. To encourage members to participate in educational research and development.

  2. To inform members of grant opportunities for engaging in educational research.

  3. To enhance understanding of educational issues, and to promote educational development for Chinese and Chinese American students.

  4. To create opportunities for scholarly discourse regarding research findings, learning, collaboration, and cooperation among members.

  5. To establish a network for those who are committed to educational research and development.

Members Profile

Members are from various countries, such as Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States. They are mostly ethnic Chinese professors, researchers, K - 12 field practitioners in private and public schools, educational administrators, graduate students and parents.